Sunday, September 9, 2012


People do stupid things for love, right?
..But sometimes we wonder: Is love worth fighting for? Is the person we fight for worth it? Will the person we fight for fight for us too?
I always think that love, if is real and true, is always worth taking any risks..
My opinion is, that is always better with someone you love, than alone, and all because of some pride.. Love is always magical, always so pretty. Always so elegant and rough. Love is like a sun.. Nobody can't live without it, but nobody can live even if is too close to us..

I bet you all know love, and love knows all of you. I know that love has broken the hearts of many of you but, I think that when you find the one person, that is really right for you, you will find happiness.
Because, when you find "The one" for you, you will just look at that person's eyes, and you will say I love you peacefully, you will know that you will never be able to let go..

But do we know what's love's goal is really about? Do we know what to expect from a relationship, and from our TRUE LOVE?
..Is love all about just getting old together?

..Or is maybe, just maybe something more?
Is it all about finding someone that you will enjoy every moment spending ? ..Enjoying the joy, all the good times and the bad ones..  Enjoying all the fights, and break downs.. 
Is it love all about never stop loving a person no matter what? 

I think love is all of that in one.. The most special feeling in the world.. 
It can kill you if you don't have it, and it can kill you if you have it.. It's the most underestimated thing in the planet! 

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